Student Services

The mission of our Student Services Department is to assist students in the developmental acquisition of knowledge and skills that will help them reach their academic, personal/social, health and career/community potential.

Students can request appointments to see any member of the Student Services team by completing a counselor request form and turning it into the office staff. The forms are then directed to the appropriate counselor for follow-up. Students and parents can reach our counselors via email.
Marsha Spaner 8th Grade, 7th Grade (Last names M-Z)

Gus Jimenez 6th Grade, 7th Grade (Last names A-L)

Melanie Richardson TRUST Specialist

Our Student Services Department offers a variety of counseling services related to the following topics.
• Individual Counseling
• Group Counseling
• Family Counseling
• Academic Advisement
• Social & Personal Issues
• Organizational Skills
• Parent Conferences
• Transition from Elementary School to Middle School
• Transition from Middle School to High School
• Family Issues
• Homeless Issues
• Bullying & Harassment
• Florida Virtual School
• Magnet Schools Advisement