Future Magnet Students

Attention Future Vikings!

Magnet Online Applications will open October 1st, 2022

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You must apply online at www.yourchoicemiami.org. You may only pick one of our magnet programs, Global or Forensics.

Application deadline is January 15th, 2023.

We are so excited for our 2022-2023 Magnet Recruitment Season.  We want to welcome you to our AMAZING school.  Arvida is a staple of strong academics, exemplary core values, fun extra-curricular programs with an all-encompassing family environment.  As we navigate through these uncertain times, please note that Arvida is committed to achieve academic success and an overall safe and nurturing school environment. 

The Magnet Recruitment season is in full swing and would love for you to see what our amazing magnet programs are all about.  Register starting in September for our in-school tours to see what Arvida has to offer.

Application Process

  1. Application period is from October 1st, 2022 – January 15th, 2023. 
  2. To apply, visit yourchoicemiami.com 
  3. Once you submit your application, no changes can be made.  We encourage you to research all the schools your child is interested before submitting an application. 
  4. The acceptance process is a random lottery. 
  5. For Arvida Middle, you must select one of our magnet programs, either the Global Studies Environmental Magnet or the Forensic Science Magnet. 
  6. Once you submit an application, you will await lottery results from MDCPS School of Choice on March 15th, 2023
  7. School of Choice phone number: 305-995-1922

Arvida’s has two AMAZING magnet programs


Are you interested in keeping the Earth clean and protecting our environment?  Do you want to become a global citizen that wants to protect nature?  Then the Global Studies environmental program is just for you!

Our Global Studies Academy was established in 1999. It allows students to see how their actions impact the world around them. It is an academically rigorous program that focuses on environmental stewardship. By using an interdisciplinary approach, students learn about issues affecting our environment, and they use critical thinking skills to create solutions for more effective and efficient ways to “go green”. With this unique hands-on approach to learning, students also participate in many field trips to enhance their “Global” experience. Some of these field trips include participating in Deering Estate’s NESTT Program, animal encounters, and in eighth-grade, a three-day field trip to Boston, Massachusetts. Some of the advantages to being a part of this academy are that students experience a school within a school atmosphere. This allows for an easy transition from elementary to middle school. Teachers work together to develop lessons that will foster students intellectual, emotional, and social growth.


Do you want to be a Forensic Investigator? Are you interested in the criminal justice field? Then our Forensic Science magnet program is right for you!

Our Forensic Science Academy, which began in the summer of 2007, is unique, in that it is the first Forensic Science Academy in Miami Dade County. It is a case based program were students learn the skills necessary to solve a crime (fingerprint, fiber, chemical analysis, handwriting, etc.). Students will have the opportunity to participate in problem solving, critical thinking, cooperative learning, and academically rigorous content on a daily basis. Students who choose to be part of the Forensic Science program will also be invited to attend several field trips throughout their time at Arvida. Trips include but are not limited to, Hollywood Studios, Seaworld, Deering Estate, and Washington, D.C.Since Forensic Science is a discipline that requires critical thinking skills we have paired it with the Fine Arts in order to develop a well rounded child. It is suggested that students take at least one fine arts elective while participating in the program. They may select from art, drama, band, orchestra, and dance.

The vision of Arvida Middle School’s Forensic Science Magnet Program (FSMP) emphasizes discipline, academics and career opportunities in civic service. The program’s goals are to strive for academic excellence for all students, by providing a rigorous curriculum, integrating technology, thematically designed curriculum, and providing enrichment activities establishing practices that foster a lifetime of achievement. Field studies empower students to analyze and create solutions.  Educational activities within our program are aligned and support our vision and program goals.  Lessons reinforce the forensic theme of investigating and critical thinking.  FSMP students participate in an array of extra-curricular activities. 

Eligibility Requirements for both programs:

  • A minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average in each core academic subject area (e.g. language arts, mathematics, science, social studies) for the previous year and the first grading period of the current year combined.
  • A minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average in conduct for the core academic subject areas (e.g. language arts, mathematics, science, social studies) for the previous year and the first grading period of the current year combined.
  • All effort grades in core academic classes must be a “2” or higher for the previous year and the first grading period of the current year combined.
  • No more than 10 unexcused absences for the previous year and 5 unexcused absences for the first semester of the current year.
  • No teacher recommendation will be required.
  • Parents/legal guardians must schedule any required language skills testing for International Studies programs for incoming grades 2-10 by January 15th.
  • FSA scores may not be reviewed as part of the eligibility process.

Application period for the 2022-2023 school year will start on Oct. 1st and you may apply at www.yourchoicemiami.com.

All magnet applications are due by January 15th, 2023! 

For any questions or concerns you can email vlugo@dadeschools.net.

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