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We are so excited for our 2023-2024 Magnet Recruitment Season.  We want to welcome you to our AMAZING school.  Arvida is a staple of strong academics, exemplary core values, fun extra-curricular programs with an all-encompassing family environment.  As we navigate through these uncertain times, please note that Arvida is committed to achieve academic success and an overall safe and nurturing school environment. 

The Magnet Recruitment season is in full swing and would love for you to see what our amazing magnet programs are all about.  Register starting in September for our in-school tours to see what Arvida has to offer.

Application Process

  1. Application period is from October 1st, 2023 – January 15th, 2024. 
  2. To apply, visit 
  3. Once you submit your application, no changes can be made.  We encourage you to research all the schools your child is interested before submitting an application. 
  4. The acceptance process is a random lottery. 
  5. For Arvida Middle, you must select one of our magnet programs, either the Global Studies Environmental Magnet or the Forensic Science Magnet. 
  6. Once you submit an application, you will await lottery results from MDCPS School of Choice on March 15th, 2024. 
  7. School of Choice phone number: 305-995-1922