Forensic Science Magnet Program

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Allison Gomberg, Forensic Science Team Leader,

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The vision of Arvida Middle School’s Forensic Science Magnet Program is to transform students into innovative leaders with the ability to propose scientific and social solutions to real world challenges using science, technology, and social research to make the world a safer place.     

About our Magnet 

Our mission is to instill positive values of moral and ethical respect for all of the members of our community by fostering the design of innovative methods to address real life challenges endangering the safety of our community. The program’s goals are to strive for academic excellence providing a rigorous S.T.E.A.M. curriculum integrating scientific research and opportunities for cross curricular real-time social research through civic engagement. The Forensic Magnet Academy strives to create a well-rounded learning experience for our students by infusing the forensic research theme activities throughout their classes and by engaging in the design and operations of multiple meaningful community service led projects. Our curriculum extends out from the classroom and into the community allowing our students to begin developing their leadership experience and to expand their true influential potential to make meaningful real-world. 

While working on your forensic cases you have been learning fingerprinting, blood typing, hair and fiber analysis.  You also have been using your observational skills and have had to practice your critical thinking skills too.

Being in the field of forensics… you MUST always pay attention to the details!

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student activities
student activities