Vivian Lugo, Forensic Science Magnet Leader,

Allison Balladares, Forensic Science Team Leader,

Welcome Detectives!

The vision of Arvida Middle School’s Forensic Science Magnet Program (FSMP) emphasizes discipline, academics and career opportunities in civic service. The program’s goals are to strive for academic excellence for all students, by providing a rigorous curriculum, integrating technology, thematically designed curriculum, and providing enrichment activities establishing practices that foster a lifetime of achievement. Field studies empower students to analyze and create solutions.  Educational activities within our program are aligned and support our vision and program goals.  Lessons reinforce the forensic theme of investigating and critical thinking.  FSMP students participate in an array of extra-curricular activities.  

While working on your forensic cases you have been learning fingerprinting, blood typing, hair and fiber analysis.  You also have been using your observational skills and have had to practice your critical thinking skills too.

Being in the field of forensics… you MUST always pay attention to the details!