Vikings, welcome to Club Rush Sign-Up Day!

Here are some rules and expectations:

  1. You may only sign up for two clubs.  We want to allow as many students as possible join clubs.
  2. You will have access to clubs through Microsoft Teams.  Your club sponsor will create and add you to the team and share the first meeting.
  3. You will need to click on the link of the club you want to register for and complete the survey. Spots are limited in all clubs.
  4. Below are the clubs and the sponsors.

2020-2021 Arvida Middle School Club List

Art ClubMrs. Fernandez-Castillo
Book ClubMrs. Burnett
FFEA Ms. Balladares
Green TeamMs. Vicente
Japanese ClubMr. Perez-Varela
Junior World Travelers ClubMrs. Vazquez-Toledo
Multi-Cultural Awareness ClubMrs. Jones-Whyte
Pet Vet ClubMrs. Rivero
Viking CouncilMrs. Madrid

Sign-up Links

Art Club –

Book Club –

Florida Future Educators of America –

Green Team –

Japanese Club –

Junior World Travelers Club –

Multi-Cultural Awareness and Equality Club –

Pet Vet Club –

Viking Council –